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Journal International de Santé au Travail

ISSN 2033-8686

The Journal International de Santé au Travail is a peer review Journal in French. English is also allowed with an abstract in English and French.

No charge is due for publication and all published articles are freely available online.

The "open source" tools are used.

Peer review process

The peer review committee is composed of scientists knowledgeable in the field concerned with the submitted article; they belong mainly to the partner institutions. However, in addition, authors are invited, if they wish, to propose two names of readers for peer review. The redactor-in-chief checks the formal quality of the submitted papers and takes a quick decision on the acceptability of the article (plausibility of the hypothesis). If positive, he sends it to two qualified readers. If their reviews are negative, partially negative or positive, the readers will share, via the editor in chief, comments and means to improve the manuscript.

Because this Journal is mainly made for novice scientists, author or authors can benefit from e-mail contacts with readers, in order to improve the quality of their manuscript through dialogue.